• SALA Financial Services

    We provide access to sophisticated financial advice through a relationship driven approach to the client.

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  • Strategic Financial Planning

    Developing a comprehensive strategy comes through a complete understanding of your personal situation, objectives and concerns. We adopt a whole of balance sheet approach, which means we need to understand your cash flow, your expenditure, your tolerance to risk and your current asset base prior to developing a plan which is tailored specifically to your needs.

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  • Wealth Creation & Investments

    Our role is to carefully structure an investment strategy that takes into account your overall strategic plan, your objectives and your tolerance to risk, providing the best possible opportunity to achieve the desired outcome.

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Strategic Financial Planning

For all clients we believe that having the right financial strategy in place is the foundation to achieving their financial objectives.


Wealth Creation & Investments

Wealth creation conjures different images for everybody. For many, life becomes so busy that they neglect to look after their own affairs.


Superannuation & Rollovers

Retirement planning and superannuation can appear complex and confusing at times. Having the right strategy in place can make thousands of dollars difference in retirement lifestyle.


Estate Planning

Effective Estate planning gives you the peace of mind knowing that the right funds are received by the right people at the right time.


Personal and Business Insurance

Our role is to assess your appropriate level of insurance that will meet your needs and protect the assets you accumulate throughout your career and into retirement.

Welcome to SALA Financial Services Brisbane

SALA Financial Services is a boutique financial planning firm owned and managed by Stephen Inwood. SALA is a privately owned practice allowing us to provide our clients with a personalised and tailored financial planning service.

Our role is to respect and understand you as an individual and assist where possible to enhance your lifestyle through the achievement of your objectives. We work with individuals and families to ensure the preservation and growth of their financial assets and family heritage.

We provide access to sophisticated financial advice through a relationship driven approach to the client.