Strategic Financial Planning

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For all clients we believe that having the right financial strategy in place is the foundation to achieving their financial objectives.

Developing a comprehensive strategy comes through a complete understanding of your personal situation, objectives and concerns. We adopt a whole of balance sheet approach, which means we need to understand your cash flow, your expenditure, your tolerance to risk and your current asset base prior to developing a plan which is tailored specifically to your needs.

Our role is to develop a plan that makes the most effective use of the current legislation and is flexible enough to move with the changes in your life and the changes in the economic and legislative environment. We undertake extensive cash flow modeling which tests the outcome of various strategies ensuring that the desired outcome is obtained.

An integral part of our process is to conduct a preview meeting to review the cash flow modeling with the client to ensure that our thinking is in line with our clients and we are all heading down the same path. Once we all agree on the strategy we will then progress to providing a step by step outline of how to implement the plan along with specific recommendations for the micro parts which will ensure the plans success. This includes recommendations for the investments, insurance, estate planning, debt and cash flow management.

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